We offer multiple solutions to maintain or improve the performance and reliability of equipment.



We supply new instrumentation for many machines. In some instances, often on large industrial sites, we work in partnership with our customers E&I teams. In other instances, we remove, test, calibrate, supply, replace and re-install instrumentation.

Valves & Actuators

On reciprocating compressors, valves are critical to guarantee performance and reliability. On steam turbines, they control performance and safety. On turbo-machinery compressors, non-return, blow-off and recirculating valves impact safety and efficiency. Guide vanes are critical for blowers and expansion turbines. Many of these valves and vanes are actuated. We therefore supply, inspect and overhaul a high number of valves and actuators.

Vibration Analysis

On machines with limited instrumentation, or before and after shutdowns, we perform vibration analysis or support the existing teams. We regularly upgrade and add vibration or displacement sensors, including the upgrade, burnishing and de-gaussing of probe tracks on rotors. On machines with installed sensors, we ensure they continue operating.

Condition Monitoring

For many machines, we assist onsite teams to make the best decisions from their existing systems. For very critical equipment, including reciprocating compressors and gearboxes without redundancies, we supply state-of-the-art solutions from Prognost Systems.

Machine Protection

We help our customers to find the right balance between time-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance, while always protecting the integrity of the machines and the safety of its operators.

Upgrades & Rerates

On many machines, including reciprocating compressors and expanders, we assess if and how performances can be safely changed. It can be driven by process changes, need to increase capacity, or desire to decrease power consumption. On pumps and turbo-machinery, we upgrade seals and optimise performances without risking surge. On gearboxes, we change ratios. Furthermore, we often implement changes defined by various OEM’s (change of rotors and diaphragms, upgrade of tachometers and trip systems, etc.)

Surge Protection

On turbo-compressors, we offer unique solutions to avoid surge while improving performance and decreasing recycling and power consumption, partnering with state-of-the-art Compressor Controls Corporation. We perform onsite tests, address surge issues when they occur, and can perform RCA’s.

Over-Speed Protection

For steam turbines, we overhaul existing systems, implement upgrades, for example by installing new wheels, and perform onsite trip tests. When existing solutions have shown their limits, we can offer new ones, such as the ones from our partner Compressor Controls Corporation.