Burckhardt Compression Wins First Order With Cost-Optimized Compressors

Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression wins first order with a new line of cost-optimized compressors which called capex-optimized line of compressor systems that meets the API Standard 618. Its modular compressor design takes advantage of global processes and cost-efficient engineering and supply chain.

Hyundai Engineering Company has ordered the first compressors from this new product line for a petrochemical plant in Poland, where they will be used for propane dehydrogenation in the production of propylene.

Burckhardt Compression registers their first commercial success with a new capex-optimized line of compressors compliant with API Standard 618 launched a few months ago.

“Burckhardt Compression has leveraged its global setup with locations around the world to offer this new, capex-optimized line of compressors. It allows us to target and win over new groups of customers for our products,” says Marcel Pawlicek, CEO of Burckhardt Compression.

The first two compressors from this new product line will be used for propane dehydrogenation in the production of propylene at a plant in Poland. The two compressors will be driven by 5 MW electric motors.

In Indonesia, IPS Teknokraft Indonesia as local partner company from Burckhardt Compression. We’d like to pleased our customers with new service offering, and allow you to get more benefit for reciprocating compressor. We commited to give reliable local services for you as Burckhardt Compression does.