Our core business is the maintenance of rotating machinery to maximize availability and performance, ensure safety, and minimize total cost of ownership. We deliver various services to achieve these goals.

Shutdown Planning

For large shutdowns, many of our customers do not have the resources to plan everything. In partnership, we therefore plan the inspection or overhauls of machines with onsite or offsite engineers and project managers. Deliverables can include scopes of work, required spare parts and gaps, work packs, project plans, QA documents, Inspection Test Plans (ITP), Inspection Record Sheets (IRS), Work Method Statements (WMS), JSEA’s, Lifting Plans, What-If plans and coordination of suppliers.

Inspections & Overhauls

For a combined experience of over 70 years, we have inspected and overhauled rotating machinery, developing an expertise across multiple brands and types unmatched in Indonesia. Safety and quality are fundamental for every project. Work can be done onsite, in our workshops, or in combination, depending on the nature of the work and the equipment. We can operate with and without OEM representatives and either focus on the mechanical aspects, or encompass all disciplines (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, NDT, etc.)


Focus on safety and quality, planning, high-quality assets (glass bead blaster, high precision equipment, laser scanner, lathes, milling machines, surface grinder, lapping table, aqua-blaster, welding equipment, etc.), openness, continuous investment on dedicated staff, knowledge retention, and continuous improvement are the basis of our services.

Large Shutdowns

On large shutdowns, we operate across multiple machines and trains, and mobilise required engineers, technicians, trade staff and project managers. Our workshops can also operate on day and night shifts when on the critical path to reduce critical path, plant shutdown and production loss.


​OEM’s supply genuine OEM spare parts for the OEM’s we formally represent or represented. Our knowledge of global supply chains also allows us supplying spare parts from OEM suppliers at significative discounts. Finally, we can supply reverse-engineered spare parts when time or financial constraints dictate.

Laser Scanning & Probing

Accurately measuring dimensions is often critical to machine reliability. While proficient with traditional methods, we also offer onsite and in-workshop services for laser scanning and probing.

Equipment include amongst others:

  • 7-axis ISO 10360-12 8330-7 Romer arm,
  • Laser scanning, reverse engineering, 3D CAD, and CAE software.

​Examples of practical use include:

  • Measuring the thickness of eroded casing,
  • Measuring the deformation of casings,
  • Comparing spare rotor with operating one,
  • Specifying and controlling the modifications of oversized rotor or damaged casings,
  • Troubleshooting inadequate rotors,
  • Troubleshooting complex re assembling.



To assist with proactive maintenance and risk mitigation strategies, we perform Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) as per AS IEC 60812-2008. The focus can be safety (MIL STD 882 categories I and II) but often goes beyond and cover reliability and availability.


We often assist onsite reliability engineers, rotating machinery engineers and maintenance managers to investigate, understand and address reliability or performance issues.

Emergency Response

Unfortunately, unexpected failures and sudden breakdowns happen. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year to assist, with very short mobilisation time, even on complex machines.

Investigation & RCA

Hands-on technicians, highly and formally educated engineers, and corporate knowledge formalisation, let us effectively investigate problems and perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) so that issued, when faced, do not reoccur.

Laser Alignment

We have aligned thousands of machines over the years, using dial gauges and laser alignment. Methodologies can be developed on long trains, even when specifications are sparse, to reflect thermal expansion, ground connection, and recent modifications.


Dynamic Balancing

Rotors can be driven through rigid connections or through belts, and balanced according to ISO 1940 to the appropriate grade. As-found and as-left balances are thoroughly documented. Hold points can be set-up before corrections take place. In-site balancing can take place when no other option is available. High-speed balancing can be organised and correlated with low speed results.


Rotor & Bearing Refurbishment

We inspect and refurbish a few hundred rotors and bearings every year. Multiple technical options are usually available. Complex repairs include re-metallising rotor journals and white-metal bearings, re-blading rotors for steam turbines and axial blowers, re-stacking rotors for centrifugal compressors, replacing and upgrading labyrinth seal strips or emergency welding of aluminium impellers. All activities are conducted with Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) are usually NATA-certified.


With many customers, we have in place Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA’s). Simple ones include agreed rates and T&C’s. Advanced ones include multi-year commitments on a large number of machines.