Spare Parts

We Supply spare parts and spare part-related services for many machine types and OEM’s.

Audit & Inspection

Prior to machine overhaul or large plant shutdown, we identify the required spare parts, review stock levels, physically inspect spare parts in stock (rotor, bearings, diaphragms, etc.), and suggest ways forward between purchasing in advance, and repairing during the shutdoown based on condition.



We supply genuine OEM spare parts for the OEM’s we formally represent or represented. Our knowledge of global supply chains also allows us supplying spare parts from OEM suppliers at significative discounts. Finally, we can supply reverse-engineered spare parts when time or financial constraints dictate.

Reverse Engineering

​For OEM’s we do not formally represent and who face major delivery issues, IPS Teknokraft Indonesia can reverse engineer parts.

While proficient with traditional methods (gauges, calipers, dummy shafts, run-outs, etc.), we also offer onsite and in-workshop services for laser scanning, probing and reverse engineering.

Equipment include amongst others:

  • 7-axis ISO 10360-12 8330-7 Romer arm,
  • Laser scanning, reverse engineering, 3D CAD, and CAE software (PolyWorks, SolidWorks…).

The advantages we offer are:

  • Speed and accuracy,
  • Combined expertise on rotating machinery, laser scanning and reverse engineering,
  • A capacity to mix the above capabilities and more traditional methods,
  • Decades of experience,
  • Extensive access to 3rd party suppliers overseas, in Indonesia,
  • Back-up of multiple OEM’s for complex re-engineering, upgrades and manufacturing.

For reciprocating compressors, our long-lasting partnership with Burckhardt Compression and their incredible expertise enable us to provide consumable and capital spare parts on many reciprocating compressors.


Rotor Storage Containers

The safe long-term storage of your rotating elements can be critical to plant availability and optimal maintenance spending. IPS Teknokraft Indonesia offer a range of engineered storage solutions to ensure that your critical spares are readily available when needed at short notice.

Containers can be nitrogen-purged and designed to be stored vertically, therefore minimising the possibility of rotor deflection during storage.

Each container is designed to enable easy handling by forklift or crane with certified lifting lugs. Each container has dedicated fill point, pressure gauge and safety relief valve. Containers can also be designed to have a dedicated mounted nitrogen cylinder. Inspection windows are also available.


Preservation & Crates

​Beside nitrogen-purged containers, IPS Teknokraft Indonesia offer a range of engineered storage solutions to ensure that your critical spares are readily available when needed at short notice.

Very large rotors can be stored on stands and wrapped in foils with desiccant and humidity indicators. Guide vanes and lighter or less critical rotors can also be wrapped and stored in purpose-build wooden crates. Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bags are alternative to desiccant. Small components, including reciprocating compressor valves, are vacuum packed with VCI films.

Offsite Storage

To help sites facing challenges with onsite spare part storage, we store and maintain spare parts at our workshops. Parts remain available immediately and can be dispatched within 24 hours.

Valve Test & Repair

For reciprocating compressors, either lubricated or non-lubricated, and with or without piston rings, we inspect and repair all types of valves by performing:

Analysis of valve condition:

  • Tracking of compressor valve history,
  • Complete disassembly,
  • Accurate inspection of all parts,
  • Root cause analysis and OEM engineering evaluation if required,
  • Thorough cleaning,
  • Repair & re-machining,
  • Lapping, re-machining or replacement of valve seats,
  • Wear parts replacement, often with Burckhardt Compression parts,
  • Re-assembly in accordance with valve operating data,
  • Complete quality inspection and state-of-the-art leak test,
  • Corrosion protection and optimal packing.